My thoughts on Pisa


As I think about the recent release of the PISA scores, three different issues come to mind.

1) I cannot help but think about math. After all these scores are a set of data. When teaching fractions to my students one of the concepts that we discuss is that you cannot compare fractions that do not have common denominators. That is what this set of data represents, a comparison of things without common denominators.

2) To me, the latest results verify my need to eradicate high stakes testing. If our results are not favorable with our current educational policies, why are we allowing for a stronger emphasis to be placed upon these tests?

3) As a teacher ‘in the trenches’ I actually have little concern about these these results. These scores do not really effect my daily teaching concerns. I must first worry about whether my students we able to eat dinner the night before, about whether my students have coats for the increasingly cold whether, about whether my students have a home to go to. Only after those needs are met will I and my students be able to focus and concentrate on their education.


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