How Many Will Be Sacrificed?


Lately, one particular image has been coming to my mind as I think about the corporate education reform.  I see a speeding train full of our children, speeding down the tracks.  The face of the engineer often changes, one minute it is Governor Chris Christie (NJ); the next, Governor Mike Pence (IN).  What I also see are those that are stoking the fire for the engineer to maintain speed; Pearson, Bill Gates, Michelle Rhee.

But if you look ahead, you see that the train is headed for a bridge and that bridge is out.  Our children are headed towards a dangerous transition that is lacking the strength to hold that train and help it get where it needs to go.  Teachers across this country have seen where this train is headed and have put all of their effort into stopping it.  throwing themselves on the track.  Some of them are surviving the injuries that they are receiving, some of them are not.

I have to wonder, how many wonderful teachers are going to be sacrificed before that train is finally stopped?  Will their efforts be enough?  I have to believe that that they will succeed, for without their efforts, our children would be even closer to that dismantled bridge.  Without their efforts, our children would be even closer to danger.  Without their efforts, our future generations will fall.


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