Abuse of Education

Standardized testing is a test that is based upon a bell curve. Bell curves show a comparison of how one aspect of the results compares to the rest of the related aspects. With standardized testing, students fall into categories labeled partially proficient, proficient, and above proficient. There is no reflection to show what growth a student has made over the course of the school year.

For example, a student that has a learning disability may suddenly reach a point in their educational career that they achieve a great amount of growth. But because this student had started at a disadvantage of being academically behind his or her peers, the amount of growth that was achieved was still not enough to get him to the proficient level. As a results of these tests, students are being told that they are failures, teachers are losing their jobs, and schools districts are diverting funding from programs that help make our children into well-rounded, creative adults to programs that are designed to help them pass “THE TEST.”

Unfortunately, these types of test are no longer administered only once a year. The educational reform system is moving to a model that calls for the administration of tests like this more than yearly. Some states are following a model that uses this type of state testing two and three times a year. Some districts have made the decision to utilize related indicator testing programs that uses these tests up to four times a year. Overall, districts across the country spend from 19 to 30 days of instructional time on testing. How many times do we want our schools to tell our children that they are not proficient? That no matter how much growth they achieve, they are failures?

Now that teacher evaluations are being tied to the results of these tests, teachers are being forced even more to teach to the test. The creative lessons that were developed to reach the individual learners are disappearing as teachers are afraid to explore instructional techniques that may help their students achieve personal growth. They are being bullied into teaching curriculum that has been designed around these tests. The worth of our students and teachers is being diminished as they are being told that they do not measure up to a corporate viewpoint of the educational system. The educational reform movement has become a movement of abuse across the country.


Here is a run down on hours and money spent on Standardized Testing
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Common Core Standards: Ten Colossal Errors
Ten Colossal Errors



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  1. Terry Kalb says :

    Well well said, Melissa!

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