What do I do????

One of my nieces contacted me last night.  She had just seen the video that was released of my letter to Governor Christie.  (see video here.) She was frantic and totally shocked.  She was upset that she had no idea that any of this had been going on.  Her repeating question to me was “What can I do?”  First thing I told her was that she needed to start some conversations with other parents in her district.  I told her that it was extremely important that they start to become educated about the current educational reforms that are sweeping our country.  I even offered to come speak to a group of parents at their next parent meeting.

The it occurred to me, what if we all volunteer to speak at a parent group meeting?  I know that some teachers are reluctant to speak out in their own districts.  Let’s face it, teachers are very afraid of losing their jobs right now.  But what is stopping us from speaking to parent groups in other districts?  We are using all of our resources through social media and mainstream media that we possible can.  My daily twitter and facebook feed is full of the atrocities of the corporate educational reform movement.  Maybe it is time to get down and dirty and do some old-fashioned pavement pounding with our message.

As I write this post, my son sent me a message.  He is currently trying to locate the right quote for his senior quote in the yearbook.  His message said…”You’ll miss every shot you don’t take” Wayne Gretsky.  I had to smile at the serendipity of this moment.  What does everybody say, shall we take a shot?


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